In 2012, Mumbi Muturi started creating products out of her kitchen after she noted a gap in locally made natural products that worked for all African hair types. With all her children and herself sporting natural hair it was not feasible for her to import haircare products from the US & UK like everyone was doing at the time. Her background in professional cake baking, which in itself is a precise craft, gave her the immediate know-how and tools to create the natural cosmetic products. The first batch of products was a mix of natural oils and butters, and they were named after her children.

The task of running two young and demanding businesses proved difficult and Mumbi put product creation on hold for close to two years. However, in that two-year period, she had amassed a small but loyal following of friends and family who were addicted to the quality and effectiveness of her product. Their constant requests for product inspired Mumbi to venture back into product creation but this time around she acknowledged that she needed help.

In 2016, Mumbi enlisted the help of close friends within her networks to raise funds for purposes of scaling up her kitchen-based business. One of the tasks included registration of the business as a limited company, bringing on board other shareholders, purchasing and hosting a brand domain, creating company email addresses and getting a KRA PIN Number. Other changes included re-branding the logo and labeling as well as changing the product names. However, the major change was offering Harvest’s growing clientele water-based products.

The importance of water or moisture to natural hair and skin cannot be understated. Our bodies are made up of nearly 70% of water; therefore, having products that complimented this fact was key for Mumbi. She researched and found that creating water-based products brought about the challenge of bacteria flourishing in the products. Yet the whole natural and organic movement was about having products that were nearly or entirely chemical free. Her research led her to seek out preservatives that were naturally friendly and once she did the creation of the current batch of products proved

It has been two years of product and market R&D, and now Harvest of Sunshine is re-launching a pure natural hair care line with five (5) products of what pundits would call Holy Grail products. The products have been re-named and the labels re-branded and the good old working formulations have been improved!